Cleaning is now more than ever important in both public and private properties. While most professional and credible property cleaning services have always done a great job, there is now a need to go the extra mile to ensure that all properties and their amenities in your rental property are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The updated cleaning guidelines are designed to ensure both the cleaning staff and the property dwellers' safety.

Below are updated cleaning guidelines for property cleaning service companies.

Assume You Are Carrying the Virus, and Others are Infected

The biggest challenge with the COVID-19 virus is that it spreads fast, and you cannot detect it at a glance. It is imperative to assume that you are infected, and the people dwelling in the property are infected. Therefore, when cleaning, take the necessary measures to prevent spread if you are indeed infected. You also take steps to avoid getting infected if the people in the property and the property itself are infected.

Social distancing is still an essential step towards curbing the spread of Covid-19. Stay 6 meters away from other people, including other cleaners and residents of the property. If you have Covid-19 symptoms or tested positive, take leave from work until you recover and test negative.

With this mindset in mind, hiring a professional cleaner is in your best interest. As COVID-19 continues, it will be more common to see a higher cleaning fee than normal when looking at the cleaners' booking fee costs. While adhering to this, extra cleaning may be an extra expense. It's worth it to pay an extra fee to ensure top health and safety.

Hand Washing and Sanitization

Before cleaning, wash your hands while adhering to the WHO recommended handwashing guidelines. Use running water and soap to wash your hands. Clean the back of your hands, all fingers, and under your nails. Then, dry the hands with a clean towel or an air drier. Finally, sanitize with an alcohol-based sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wear disposable gloves, masks, eye protection, booties, and gowns. You may need to change gloves several times even though you are cleaning the same house, apartment, or property. For instance, change gloves when moving from a dirty area to a clean one. Only touch disinfectant bottles and wipes with clean gloves. When leaving a building, remove and discard the gloves at the exit.

When removing the gloves, adhere to the cleaner’s guidelines for removing and disposing of. Replace the mask if it gets wet or damp. You must not reuse gloves, disposable booties, and masks. For eye protection, wash the face shield or safety glasses with soap and water after removing them before entering another building or home.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Clean non-porous surfaces with detergent and water before disinfecting them. For porous surfaces such as rugs and carpets, remove any visible dirt or contamination, and then clean with the recommended cleaners.

Do not shake off linen and carpets to prevent further dispersing of contaminants. For linen and laundry, wash them in the warmest appropriate water setting. Adhere to the provided manufacturer’s guidelines for using detergents and disinfectants regarding product concentration, how to apply, and contact time.

We provide the 10 steps for cleaning a small house, apartment, vacation rental, or boutique hotel in the Cleaning certification course as follows:

  1. Arrive at work
  2. Enter the property: Before entering the property, wear your PPEs, including your mask, gloves, booties, and eye protection. Disinfect the doorknob or keypad before touching it
  3. Pre-clean. Upon entering the property, open all the windows, flush the toilets, collect the garbage, and put all the dishes in the dishwasher. Gather all the laundry that needs to be cleaned and pack in the laundry bags or put it in the washing machine with the appropriate settings
  4. Vacuum the floors. Vacuum one room at a time while keeping the doors to the room you are vacuuming closed
  5. Cycle laundry and repeat as needed. Cycle the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Keep repeating this process until all the laundry is done. If you do cleaning in a different location, load the laundry bags for transportation to the cleaning location
  6. Make beds
  7. Clean up the kitchen. While the dishwasher continues to wash the dishes, clean the hard surfaces and appliances. Offload the dishwasher. Then, clean the kitchen floors and disinfect all surfaces, including switches, doorknobs, faucets, and furniture
  8. Clean the bathrooms with appropriate cleaning products. Thoroughly clean the toilet and bathroom, including the toilet bowl and lid, sink areas, tub, shower, mirrors, towel racks, etc. Then, disinfect the countertops, switches, handles, doorknobs, and hard surfaces.
  9. Clean and disinfect the rest of the house
  10. Final disinfection and leaving the property. Walk around the property to ensure every room is pristine. Do any additional vacuuming, cleaning, or disinfecting that may be necessary. Disinfect any surfaces that you might have touched and closed the windows before leaving the property. Walk out with your PPE disposal bag and remove all the PPEs. Put the no-reuse PPEs in the PPE disposable bag and place it in the garbage bag. Sanitize your hands and leave the property

Take Necessary Precautionary Measures When Not at Work

The goal is to remain disinfected, whether you are at work or away from work. Ensure to maintain social distancing and to wear your mask in public places. Regularly wash or sanitize your hands with either a sanitizer or disinfectant wipes.

Adhere to the Property’s Cleaning Regulations

While the above guidelines are applicable for most properties, some properties may have additional cleaning guidelines. As a professional cleaning service provider coming on board to support the property, you must adhere to any other additional cleaning guidelines provided by the property or local government.

Cleaning or Disinfecting a Property with a Sick Individual

Wear your PPEs properly. Open the windows and doors in the room to allow for aeration. Temporarily switch off fans and HVAC systems. Allow at least 24 hours before embarking on cleaning the property. Disinfect all the rooms used by the sick person, including surfaces they might have touched. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to vacuum the property.

Property cleaning companies have a responsibility to ensure that their cleaning staff have the necessary skills, tools, and equipment for cleaning and sanitizing properties during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Enroll your cleaners in the Cleaning Certification course to equip them with the updated cleaning guidelines.