Step 5: Cycle Laundry

You will continue to return to this process throughout your clean until all laundry, blanket and pillow sanitizing is complete.

If you do laundry off-site, parts of this process will not be needed.

Remember to change gloves when going from dirty to clean.

Cycle Laundry Through

  1. Remove items from the dryer and set it on disinfected furniture or beds.
  2. If washer is complete, move clean items from the washer to the dryer and run at the highest heat setting for those items.
  3. If washer is empty, reload it with dirty items.
  4. If the dryer is open, reload it with dirty pillows etc. and run for 30 minutes on highest setting for those items.
  5. If there is more laundry to do, leave the laundry room and close the door.

If there is no more laundry, clean and disinfect room:

  1. Vacuum floor and any other areas with dust or particles.
  2. Clean any hard surfaces.
  3. Remove gloves and dispose. Wash or sanitize hands correctly. Put on new gloves.
  4. Either wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant wipe, or spray surfaces with disinfectant spray.

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