Learning Important Concepts with an Example Clean

The next 10 lessons will help you learn how to use the Important Concepts using an example clean for a turnover of less than 3 days between guests.

These procedures do not replace in-person training and should be used as an supplement to your company's standard cleaning procedures. Your company may have different steps based on your current local regulations.

10 steps to clean a small house, condo or boutique hotel

  1. Getting to Work
  2. Entering the Property
  3. Pre-clean steps
  4. Vacuum
  5. Cycle Laundry (repeat as needed)
  6. Make Beds (repeat as needed)
  7. Kitchens
  8. Bathrooms
  9. House Cleaning and Disinfection
  10. Final Disinfection and Exit

This example clean will use red for dirty item tasks and green for clean, disinfected item tasks.

Remember to change gloves when moving from red dirty item tasks to green disinfected item tasks.

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