Important Concepts

Have a closed lidded but easy to open garbage can or bag for disposing gloves and disposable wipes. You will be changing disposable gloves often during the clean.

Gloves should be worn at all times and changed as follows.

When you are changing tasks think about if the item you just touched had been cleaned and disinfected if the next item you are touching has been cleaned and disinfected. You do not want to get non-disinfected germs on a disinfected item, so that is when you change your gloves.

  1. Change gloves when moving from dirty item tasks to clean disinfected item tasks.
  2. You do not have to change gloves when moving from a clean disinfected item task to a dirty item task.
  3. Only touch your disinfection spray with clean gloves. Only touch your phone with clean gloves.
  4. Dispose of used gloves in a closed bin. Wash your hands properly when changing gloves.
  5. If you need to drink water, remove your gloves, wash your hands, carefully remove one side of your mask from behind your ear, without touching the front of the mask. Drink your water, wash your hands again, carefully replace the mask without touching the front. Wash your hands one more time and put on new gloves.

One mask should be worn the entire time you are in the property or vehicle. Discard of mask when leaving the property or vehicle and discard immediately. Do not reuse.

Clean hard and soft surfaces before applying disinfectant.

Do not shake or fluff linen, laundry or fabric items that have not been disinfected.

Keep 6 feet between you and any other person including guests, co workers and subcontractors.

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