About the Courses

These courses were created for workers who have been previously trained in on standard cleaning techniques and OSHA compliancy.
The courses have been developed to confirm and solidify knowledge of cleaning processes during normal times and during pandemic (COVID-19) and post-pandemic times for health, disinfection and personal protection equipment processes.
Health and PPE information has been gathered from the CDC, WHO and OSHA and presented in an easily digestible way so that workers can remember the information.
The example cleaning process presented in the courses are based on best practices developed for SARS. This is recommended by the CDC for COVID-19.

Who created these courses?

This program is a collaboration of the founder and management team of VRScheduler (software for vacation rentals), three of the property management housekeeping departments they work with, two registered nurses, many calls with the Washington State OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), and hundreds of hours of research on the OSHA, CDC, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and Washing State DOH (Department of Health).
After creating the content for the cleaning companies VRScheduler was working with, the collaborators decided to make the valuable content widely available and affordable for everyone.

"Our primary hope is to have a course that is easy to comprehend so that best practices can be remembered by all boots-on-the-ground staff. Together we can keep everyone safe and instill confidence in our workers, guests and owners."

-- Jill Mason, founder of VRScheduler.com and primary coordinator of this cleaning certification project.