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Cleaning Certification Pays 30% Commissions!

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Affiliate Agreement

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Commission Payments

You will be given a unique coupon code of your choosing, which will be used to calculate commissions.

Coupons will give the purchaser 20% off any course or bulk purchase.

Purchases will only count for your commissions if your coupon code is used.

For example: If 50 courses are purchased at 20% discount, the total sale is $800, and you receive $240.

Payments are made for each within 2 weeks after month end using PayPal.  

You will receive an email at that time with a list of all courses purchased with your coupon code. 

At this time we do not have a web portal (but hope to soon!)

Creatives and Copy

Be sure to add your coupon code to all posts.

Sample Email Content

I wanted to introduce a new program to train staff on current guidelines and promote guest trust.

Cleaning Certification is a training-backed certification based on guidelines from the WHO, CDC, OSHA, and the FDA.   

The cleaning certification badge has a unique ID so guests can verify your rentals are safe and trusted.  

The badge has shown to increase bookings by over 30% and eliminate guest questions around cleaning.

I've have taken the course and can highly recommend the program. Please use code: [[ENTER YOUR COUPON CODE]] for 20% off the $20 course.

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